fa has assisted over 300 companies with their expansion plans, including consulting, packaging, franchise marketing and finance. In just the past 12 years, several of fa’s past franchise clients have generated over a Billion dollars in revenues, including: Merry Maids® Home Cleaning that sold for $25 Million; FastSigns® that sold for $100 Million; Manhattan Bagel Company® that went public for $55 Million; Express Lube & Oil® that sold to Jiffy Lube® for $56 Million; and Remco® Appliance Rentals that sold for $47 Million—and they all continue to generate hundreds of Millions in revenues. Those that haven't been sold are also generating hundreds of Millions, including: Dickey's Barbecue; DoubleDave's and many others.
fa specializes in growing food, service and retail franchises. fa has helped sell thousands of franchises for its clients and has assisted almost as many franchise and business opportunity buyers in obtaining financing through either SBA guaranteed loans, commercial lending, or equipment leasing sources.

You may have “the best idea since sliced bread,” a break-through technology, or the next “best” thing. Whatever you have—it’s your concept, your company. We honor confidentiality. We have what it takes. We’re positive.

We realize the sensitive nature of disclosing information about your concept or company before you know who we are. 

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Call us at 214.505.2202 or at 800.460.9000, or send a confidential email to: info@fassocs.com.

Your business is confidential with us. When we mutually determine that we have more to discuss, we’ll be happy to send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to assure you our communications will be privileged and confidential. We don’t want your idea—we want to grow it with you. Upon evaluation, we may suggest franchising or other alternatives, or tell you to wait. In any case, we will listen sincerely and give you our best opinion. fa doesn’t have a crystal ball, but we do have the knowledge and experience to help you grow.

“fa was our first choice. It wasn’t by chance, it was a great choice. In fact, Paul Stewart had
assisted me in a prior franchise venture. His experience and business acumen
in franchising helped us start a strong franchise program.”
—Jack Grumet, Former Chairman, Manhattan Bagel Company
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