franchise associates can help you. All it takes is a phone call. We'll give you a FREE verbal consultation over the phone. If you decide to dig deeper, we'll help find the real potential for your business growth. First, we'll sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so you can be confidant that your information is confidential and not shared with anyone.

We can consult, develop, package, and market your franchise. We help guide you in your planning, budgeting and execution. We have the expertise to help you construct a winning franchise marketing program. We sell franchises and assist with financing for franchise buyers. fa offers a “shopping cart” of products and services to assist your growth. franchise associates can help you succeed in franchising—one step at a time.

Franchising in the United States accounts for more than one-third of the entire U.S. retail economy, over $800 Billion Dollars per year. Franchising is a two-way street; your success depends on your franchise owners’ success in business. fa has the team, the talent and the right tools to help you achieve your business goals. Franchising offers the best business system for your investment, and fa can help you invest wisely.

The first step to take in considering whether franchising is right for you right now, not yet or not at all, is to examine your concept or company. franchise associates calls this a “Franchise Feasibility Analysis” or FFA. This is an in-depth look at what you have, what you need and where you want to go. This is your first step toward franchising, or perhaps an alternate growth method like distributorships, dealerships, licensing or a hybrid concept.

Key Components to Franchise. fa has identified five key “markers” or components that must be present in order to franchise a business: (1) a unique concept; (2) a proven prototype; (3) profitability; (4) trainability; and (5) management. We examine your prospective role as a Franchisor, as well as analyzing your franchise buyer’s perspective. We develop the information you need to make an educated business decision about franchising your business. Then franchise associates can help you implement and achieve your franchise goals.

For complete information about our Franchise Feasibility Analysis, or any of fa’s services, call us at 214.505.2202 or 800.460.9000, or contact us at:

“fa has provided franchise consulting services to our company since 1994. We appreciate the service and the franchise sales assistance as our company continues to grow.”
—Virgil F. Block, Chairman
Eagle Transmission Centers
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